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July 1, 2019


Freedom Month Part 1: Nutrition


Welcome to July!!! The month of July is filled with fireworks, hot steamy days, lots of sunshine and it is a time when we celebrate our independence, OUR FREEDOM.   July is officially FREEDOM MONTH!!


Each newsletter this month, we will be discussing various aspects relating to freedom.  Starting July 1st, we are excited to announce that Cory LeDoux, our Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist will be offering nutritional counseling as part of services offered at the Full Armor Center.


Nutrition is one of the foundations upon which the Full Armor Center rests. I often say, it's "God food vs. Man food." If you are eating God food, your body knows how to digest it. If you are eating Man food, your body recognizes it as “processed” and does not digest it the same as God food. Oftentimes, this Man food leads to health related issues due to the body's inability to digest it properly. Think about eczema, constipation, skin issues, indigestion, obesity, cancer, acid reflux, hemorrhoids, and so many other health related issues. These can all be linked back to a poor diet.


Cory will address the issues that will allow you to get the most from your wellness choices. His services are available both to GCFC patients and non-patients. If you are currently on a care plan that started in 2018 or 2019, you are eligible for a FREE 30 minute consultation. Please stop by the front desk during your next appointment to schedule your free nutritional consultation with Cory.  If you are not on a current care plan, his initial session cost for non members $75. For those wishing to book a session with Cory, please call our office to schedule your appointment.


Freedom July: What would you be free to do in life if you were free from pain or other ailments which are typically caused by inflammation?


"True health is more than what you put in your body, it's your environment, it's what you put on your body, and even the air that you breathe, especially indoor air." 

"Your body is designed to heal itself, we just have to take away the interferences such as chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and hormone disruptors." -unknown authors


The body was created to heal itself. The nutrition that we consume directly affects this healing ability. What are you eating? How are you feeding your body? Feeding it for health and longevity, or for disease or illnesses? You get to make that determination based on your daily choices.


Hopefully that made you think...

Happy July 1st!!



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