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Diana McKenzie



Insurance Liason


Eggs Florentine                                                     

Servings: 3-4

2 tbsp. butter

½ small onion, minced

1 clove minced garlic

1 lemon

1 cup spinach

6-8 eggs- free range are the best.

In a skillet, sauté onions and garlic in butter over medium heat. Once onions have started to soften, add spinach and allow it to wilt. Squeeze lemon over spinach. Scramble eggs and pour over mixture. Cook until eggs are done. 


makes 3-4 servings

6 grass fed whole eggs

Hand full spinach

1 cut onion

1 cut pepper

1/2 cup mushrooms

1/2 cup white sharp cheddar cheese or 1/4 cup goat cheese


Beat eggs, add veggies and spinach last, and cheese last. Melt butter in pan. Add ingredients in pan, cook on mid heat, flip once eggs look cooked. Serve with 1/2 green apple. 

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