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July 15, 2019

Crossfit Class
Fit Woman

Freedom Month Part 3: Exercise


Over the last 2 weeks, we have been discussing freedom, which comes in many forms: time freedom, financial freedom, freedom from guilt, freedom to move, freedom from pain, freedom from stagnation, so many opportunities for freedom!

This week, I wanted to discuss EXERCISE. Yes, even the word exercise can evoke a panic attack to some while creating excitement in others.

Let’s face it, we are created to move. Our bodies have joints, ligaments, muscles, energy producing systems, and basically everything needed to move. Unfortunately, society has become stagnant. We sit too much- sit behind desks to work and attend school, we sit and binge watch TV shows, we sit and drive, we sit to eat... so much sitting! For some people it’s a cycle, sleep, sit, sleep, sit.. the vicious daily cycle repeats itself.

This lack of movement creates issues within our bodies. Remember, we were created to move. Our hearts, lungs, brain, muscles, joints, bones, and digestive system all need movement to function optimally. Exercise has been shown to have positive effects on: blood pressure, depression, happiness, cholesterol, libido, digestion, and osteoporosis.

When Jim (my hubby) and I were planning and envisioning the layout of our wellness center, we knew that having a fitness/exercise/movement section was necessary. Again, movement is essential for a healthy vibrant life.

So here is the story of how Gulf Shores CrossFit came to be at our Full Armor Center. During our youths, we had different paths. Jim did not have an athletic family. Exercise was not stressed as an essential part of daily life. His family was overweight, ate poorly, and did not strongly encourage fitness to the kids.
However, Jim had a friend that loved fitness. Jim and his friend played sports together, played outside and involved fitness into their lives.


My upbringing was different. My dad was heavily involved in sports growing up. He and my mom pushed my sister and me to start lifting weights, run, and play school sports at a very young age. We played almost every sport in school and our love for fitness was deep rooted.

When Jim and I met, we regularly incorporated fitness into our schedule. Running, biking, sprints, swimming, lifting weights... all were intertwined into our dating relationship. During our first year of dating, Jim decided to get his personal trainer certification. He wanted to teach people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels to get moving. Then on July 4th 2013, we were challenged by a couple to try out “CrossFit”. We were both fit and agreed. The workout was less than 10 minutes and it kicked our butts. We loved it.


Within a month, we signed up and became members of a local CrossFit gym. Then, Jim decided to get his CrossFit level 1 certification. In November of 2013, he successfully completed his training. He then taught CrossFit inspired classes to my patients in the GCFC parking lot and out of our garage. He quickly outgrew our garage and rented a suite next to my old office and opened Gulf Shores CrossFit in September of 2014. From September 2014 to Sept 2016, he moved 3 times. All because of space. He needed more space to teach his growing member base.

Fast forward to Sept 2016, he moved GSCF to our Full Armor Center. We want all people to move and involve fitness into their daily life. Jim currently offers yoga, personal training, jujitsu, and CrossFit at GSCF. We literally have something for everyone.

We have group CrossFit classes and MasterFit classes. Both of which can be scaled to accommodate your current physical fitness level (or lack thereof).

Remember the goal is to move: to increase your heart rate, get blood pumping through your heart, lungs and muscles, lift heavy things, to get a little sore and sweat.

Side note on sweating: it actually helps remove toxins from our body. Sweating is really good for us.

If you want to get started and include more fitness into your life, please send us an email ,  call 251-233-3069 or drop by our facility and check out a class. If you mention this newsletter, you will receive an opportunity to try out one of our CrossFit classes for FREE!


Dr. Alicia

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