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July 8, 2019

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Freedom Month Part 2: Independence


How Young Living came to be the perfect union with Gulf Coast Family Chiropractic


When I started chiropractic school, I fell in LOVE with the philosophy of chiropractic. I could not believe what I had been missing out on my whole life! As my chiropractic education continued, my love for the science, art and philosophy of Chiropractic grew. Correction of subluxation was my full intention. I wanted to be the best adjuster, help the most people and share the message of Chiropractic out to the “highways and byways.” The philosophy of the three (3) T’s of subluxations was so powerful.


Originally, I thought that subluxations were just physical, hard bone sitting on soft nerve, causing physical interference of innate power. This was especially true of my belief in Chiropractic school, maybe because we were so focused on technique and the delivery of a spinal adjustment. However, once I graduated and really settled into full time practice, the true effects of thoughts and toxins became more evident. The physical subluxations were not being corrected as easily due to the toxic and emotional components of subluxation. Therein was my challenge. I knew how to adjust, but how to address the toxicity and the emotional hindrances was beyond me.


I worked hard to free my patients from dependence on medications. I gave them lifestyle recommendations, supplement recommendations, and nutritional recommendations. Some patients followed my recommendations, some did not. The ones that did, of course, had better success and testimonials. I educated patients on toxicity sources: vaccines, medications, personal care products, cleaning products, dental amalgams, dyes, foods, etc. Toxicity is all around us. We may not be able to eliminate all of the sources, but at the very least we could minimize exposure to the best of our ability. In an effort to help my patients, I would recommend various brands, retail stores, and online sources. However, I felt it was not easy for my patients to make the ditch and switch.


Then there was the emotional component. How in the world am I supposed to deal with all of these emotions? I am not a trained therapist or psychologist. However, patients came in with very real problems and trusted me with them. They knew that I cared. It was this emotional trauma that burdened me the most. I felt helpless trying to find the best way to help them. I didn’t know how to support them. I would pray with them. Encourage them to attend church, read self help books, attend or listen to motivational speakers, and whatever else I could think of. Some days, I would come home so exhausted from the emotional burdens, I would just crash. The physical adjusting was so easy. Adjusting 400+ patients a week was awesome and gave me such a high. Dealing with all of the toxicity and emotional burdens was the hard part. I had to find an answer. 


Little did I know, God had the answer. After 11 years in practice I finally found it! 


Initially, I bought a starter kit from Young Living as a personal decision. No way was I interested in “selling oils”, or promoting another company in my office. I was too busy and didn’t care to add anything else to my plate. However, I wanted the oils for my family. Within days of me ordering my kit, I had others asking me about the Young Living oils and which oil was good for which issue. I referred to my “oil Bible” to answer their questions then I thought, "this is silly. I just need to host a Young Living intro class." That is exactly what I did.


Over thirty patients showed up. We were absolutely blown away by this amazing turnout! As a result, I continued to allow my Young Living enroller, a nurse practitioner, to teach classes in my office. The classes were always packed and most had standing room only. Within 6 months, my patients were loving the oils and the classes.  Some patients were now actually doing YL as a business. I still wasn’t interested very much in the business side. However, I appreciated the $1000-$2000 a month coming in.


Fast forward to four years later.  This was when I  attended the Young Living convention in June 2017. In truth, I went to learn more about professional accounts. While there, I was extremely impressed by the event. It was SO much more than I had expected. I loved it. While there, my questions were answered. I decided that I was “all in” and I was going to make my office into a Young Living Office. Young Living products would be permeating the Full Armor Center.

I switched out the hand soap, surface cleaners, and dish soap.  Additionally, I put diffusers in multiple rooms, placed essentials oil rollers and pain relief gel in each adjusting room and stopped ordering supplements from other companies. I loved having the toxic free products to clean my office. It was wonderful to have oils diffused in the treatment rooms and bathrooms. Another great aspect to this is that my patients loved getting the oils and pain relief gel being applied to them.


In January 2018, I decided to add a Young Living membership to patient care plans. Patients love receiving the oils and diffuser. As an added benefit, they get wholesale pricing on the supplements. For years, I ordered supplements and had to guess on which supplements were going to be used/purchased. Then, I had to upcharge patients above the wholesale cost. Now, by getting a membership, they now have the FREEDOM to order their supplements at wholesale cost and have them delivered through AutoShip. WOW! 


It has been just over a year since I have fully incorporated Young Living into my practice. I could not be happier with the result. If you are not a Young Living member, and want to experience the financial benefits of a wholesale account and the health benefits it offers, please contact the office.



Dr. Alicia

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