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June 24, 2019

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Continued Changes and New Improvements  


We are back! This is our 4th newsletter in the month of June. In the first newsletter, we discussed "Where's Waldo". In the second, we discussed "Dr. Sharkey and Dr. Alicia behind the scenes". Our third newsletter focused on "Our Awesome Support Team". If this is the first time you have received one of our newsletters, and you would like to review/read the previous newsletters, please let us know.  We are considering featuring a newsletter archive on our website where you can read about GCFC and share with your friends! 


This week's newsletter is all about the fun, new changes continuing to happen. Over the last 6 months, we have worked to greatly improve our policies, procedures and usage of our software. We have completely redone our organization manual, identified specific roles and responsibilities for each teammate, and improved our reporting system. This is one of the major tasks that I completed during my (Dr. Alicia) absence.  These were all the things that needed to be done, but had not yet been done. What can I say... I had preferred being the hands of the practice rather than the business mind of the practice. However, I came to realize that there had to be a better balance between the two.  I honestly believe that we are achieving that now. 


One of the most important improvements relates to our software utilization.  In order for us to improve our skills in this area, our software technical support team will soon be flying in to train our entire team on how to better utilize all of the features that our software has to offer.  We are all super excited to learn!


We first started using our Genesis software in December of 2009. However, we had not been properly trained to use it to its full potential. We were offered training videos, tutorials and webinars. Despite the information we were provided, I honestly had not really seen the importance of the features we were not using. Honestly, we should have taken their advice and watched the training material that was offered. Over the last 10 years, we have utilized the software to about 20-30% of its potential. I know that we can do so much more with this great software than we currently are. Therefore, we will be learning all about it and over the next 2-3 weeks, you will see you great improvements. Everything from digital new patient paperwork, progress evaluations, exam forms, etc. We will be changing our point of sale terminal with one much more compatible with our software. Managing the point of sale will be seamless and so easy to use. We will be learning new reports to run, new procedures to implement, and new accountability measures to take. We promise, we will be here to assist you with any learning curves along the way. 


Some other changes you can expect to see over the next several months include patient training videos, improved communications via text messages, mini 3-5 minute videos on our FB and IG pages, and, of course, continued education. We hope you are currently receiving our text messages. If not, please see Kay at the front desk and she will be glad to get you signed up to receive them. If you are on Facebook or Instagram, please follow us. We will be giving away freebies, gift certificates and many more exciting things. Additionally, you will be able to access all of our mini educational or motivational videos. We plan on doing these several times a week. I am super excited about this! We will be also uploading those mini videos to our YouTube channel, for those that do not have FB or IG. Also on our YouTube channel you will see longer (8-12 minute) educational videos. Our goal is to educate you, challenge your current healthcare model, and assist you as you reach optimal health and wellness. 


That's it from us for this week. We pray that you have a great week!


Many Blessings,


Dr. Alicia & the GCFC Team

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