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June 3, 2019

This is Dr. Alicia writing this newsletter. Believe it or not, I used to do weekly newsletters. I love to educate, I love to help people become the best version of themselves, I love to help families become as healthy and vibrant as possible.


So to return to my grass roots, I will be writing a weekly newsletter. Each newsletter will relate to a different aspect of wellness. I will be discussing everything from mindset, personal development, goal setting, supplements, essential oils, emotional health, vaccinations, toxins and of course CHIROPRACTIC. Please feel free to share it with others. In fact, I encourage you to.


So here we go…….

Wow… I can not believe that it has been 6 months into 2019 already. That is crazy to me.

I don’t know about you, but I love setting goals and planning out the year in December and early January. My moto in 2018 was New Year New You. My moto in 2019 was New Year Better You.


I am about to get real honest with you. I am going to expose some vulnerability here. If you know me at all, you know that exposing my vulnerabilities is very difficult. I normally like to showcase that my life is great. That I got things figured out. That I am super busy. That I am successful in all areas of my life. And to be 100% honest, 2019 has been a very different year.


So to recap my life, I am super driven, very independent, extremely goal orientated and highly passionate. And that has been in ALL areas of my life. And due to that level of constant drive, constant pressure, constant level of personal responsibility, I kinda hit a wall in November 2018. Not kinda, I did. In fact, when I hit the wall, I bolted and rebelled from most of my responsibilities. I wanted to run away. And I kinda did.

It rebellion was great for a little bit. I could sleep in to 8am, I could set my own schedule, I could take my kids to all the things, I could travel, I had “freedom”. Or so I thought. Sounded good right?


I am a structure person. I am a social person. The level of isolation and lack of structure had the opposite impact on my level of “getting things done”. I thought that with all this time freedom, I could accomplish the things on my to do list. That I could feel better, have less stress, and experience less anxiety.


Some of you probably think that I stopped being a “chiropractor” so that I could pursue Young Living. To be honest, I considered that. Young Living provides my family great freedom financially, the time freedom to work when I want, and I get to help people all over the world reach a higher level of wellness. So even though that sounds amazing, I truly believe that God created Dr. Sharkey and I to be chiropractors. To use our hands and our minds as His tools. We move the bone and God does the healing. And due to that fact, I could not rebel any longer. I had to get plugged back into seeing patients and back into my office.


Here at GCFC, we are so blessed. There are 2 very gifted and talented chiropractors committed to the health and wellness of our community. And both will be serving patients. Dr. Sharkey will remain our lead adjusting chiropractor. He will be adjusting during all shifts and I will be adjusting Monday mornings and Tuesday afternoons. I will be at the office Wednesday through Friday as well. I will just be doing different aspects of care. I will be overseeing the business aspects, the insurance aspects, the marketing aspects, the team training aspects and our outreach aspects.


And to add value to what we do within the Full Armor Center, I will be offering wellness consults. This includes review of patients supplements, labs, medications and help them develop a plan for their life. PLUS… we have a new addition too our team… Cory LeDoux. He is a certified nutritionist and registered dietician. He will be offering nutritional consults and helping patients get a hold of their nutritional health.


Stay tuned for our newsletter next week as I discuss more exciting things about Cory and the new team that God has put together.


-Dr. Alicia Barton




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