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About 3-4 days after Julian was born, I noticed he couldn't turn his head to the left. It was literally stuck. Then it hit me that he had been struggling with feeding on the left but not on the right. We saw 3 different pediatricians at the hospital because it was the weekend and none of them had even noticed! Dr. Alicia came to my house when Julian was 6 days old and adjusted my baby. It is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. She placed her finger in the right spot on his neck gently applying pressure and a few seconds later, my baby was turning his head in both directions. He immediately began eating and sleeping better. His neck got slightly "stuck" a couple more times until his muscles were stronger. He is now 5.5 years old. We've had several ear aches over the years and I always see immediate improvement after an adjustment. Thankfully we've made it this far without the use of antibiotics because of chiropractic and good old fashioned ear oil. Madelyn was adjusted at 2 days old. She had a misaligned hip due to the way a student had moved her by holding only one of her legs. She is now 3 years old and is currently recovering from a nasty respiratory virus that caused bilateral ear inflammation confirmed by a doctor's visit. Yet after multiple adjustments during her sickness, she denies ear pain. Chiropractic is a wonderful addition to our arsenal of maintaining health and treating illness. I think it is important for all babies and children. It is shown to reduce the incidence of ear infections, help speed recovery from illnesses and prevention of musculoskeletal problems like torticollis and scoliosis. Dr. Alicia loves our children. They are truly her passion. Thank you!

Both my daughters have been getting adjusted since they were two weeks old (now ages 1 & 4). They have never had an ear infection, never been on antibiotics, and rarely ever get sick. Thanks Dr. Alicia Farrell!

102 fever Monday afternoon. One adjustment and we are bike riding Tuesday morning! 1.5 years old: zero ear infections, one round of antibiotics for a nasty chest infection, super happy and healthy!"


I would love to share my testimonial with you concerning chiropractic and my child! My son, 2 years old at the time, woke up with a fever. It was getting higher and higher. So I decided to take him to the doctor. I was getting ready to leave when he went into a seizure. He was completely blue, not breathing and his body was a convulsing. I called an ambulance and he was rushed to the hospital. After hours of exams and tests, they diagnosed him with double ear infections. They said the seizure was caused by the fever. They gave me scripts for antibiotics and pain meds and told me to take him to his pediatrician first thing the next morning. I am not a fan of either. So as soon as I got home, I called Dr. Alicia. She was just closing up and asked for directions to my house. She was at my house in 10 minutes. She adjusted my son and told me that his fever would spike and he would probably go to sleep and sleep through the night and he did. So first thing the next morning, I took him to the pediatrician. He could find NO TRACE of infection in either ear. He had NO fever and felt fine. He

was adjusted on a regular basis after that and is RARELY sick. Chiropractic for kids is a MUST!!! Chiro kids are healthier kids!!






We have raised 5 children with chiropractic. The first 3 did not start regular adjustments until they were older, the younger 2 started much earlier. The health of our younger 2 has been significantly better than the first 3 thanks to chiropractic. Our oldest daughter was discovered to have scoliosis when she was in high school. Because of chiropractic care, she was able to obtain correction and continue with volleyball and diving throughout high school. With chiropractic we have enjoyed immediate relief from ear infections, no antibiotics or other medications and regular immune system boosting that has kept our children healthy through the years. Our third daughter was vaccine injured and has had a lifelong seizure condition as a result. Chiropractic has helped us manage the neurological implications caused by the vaccine injury and she has now been seizure free for over 2 years. When we moved to Gulf Shores over 5 years ago, the first thing I did was set out to find our family chiropractor. We are so blessed to have found Dr. Alicia and Gulf Coast Family Chiropractic. Dr. Alicia is our primary care Dr. and has helped us maintain the health we enjoy as a family through regular adjustments as well as nutritional and fitness support. Don't raise children without her!

I just wanted to tell you thank you for every thing you do for me and my daughter! You adjusted me through my whole pregnancy with Addison (life saver)! And once Addison was born you adjusted her at a few weeks old. I was a little concerned about having her adjusted but the progress after it was done was so worth it. She had a UTI at 3 weeks old and had colic. After every adjustment we got sleep and good bowel movements. Between adjustments and the oils I would not have made it through that first couple months. My husband worked off shore so for three weeks at a time I was alone. Addison had a fall off the couch at one point, I was terrified but you met me and checked her out and assured me she was ok. I know some people think getting a baby adjusted is crazy but the changes I seen in my child were so worth it. Thanks for everything you do!!

My 3.5 year old twins have been adjusted since they were 3 days old. On 3 different occasions they have complained with an ear ache.  After only 1-2 adjustments and some natural ear oil, the pain and swelling was completely gone. There isn't a pharmaceutical medication made that can get you these results in less than 24 hours, and I'm so happy knowing my kids are well and we don't have to deal with side effects of antibiotics. I'm so blessed knowing we as parents have the right to use chiropractic to allow our bodies to heal themselves.

I can't believe Lev will be 1 in just a few weeks. Dr. Alicia came over and checked him for subluxations the day after he was born. It was such a perfect, natural delivery, so he really didn't have many, but his neck was out of alignment because he came down so quickly and at an angle. It doesn't hurt, but rather helps and keeps them healthy!
Chambers has been adjusted since 5 months old, and I wish I had started sooner with him, as his labor and birth was very hard (lying down, Pitocin, forceps, etc.) and definitely caused subluxations! He was exclusively breastfed but had constipation issues - believe me those were fixed very quickly with just 1-2 adjustments!

Dr. Alicia has adjusted my own children as well as my grand babies. I wish I had the knowledge I do now about complete chiropractic care when my children were small. Many of my decisions would have been different. I believe that God created our bodies in a very specific way and we, over time diminish their effectiveness. When our spine is at its optimal health, it then can work efficiently for your optimal health. This begins at birth. I've seen Dr. Alicia adjust newborns, infants, toddlers, all ages. Her passion is top notch! Thank you Dr. Alicia.

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