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Dr. David Bachman DC



I was born into a military family (as you can tell from my hair and beard) :) and as such, moved often with my family. In the 80's my family settled in Huntsville, Alabama where my father retired from the Air Force and went to work for Boeing. 


I attended the University of Alabama where I was fortunate to witness the 1992 Alabama Championship season. Roll Tide! After earning my degree from the University of Alabama, I moved on to Logan College of Chiropractic from which I graduated in 1999.


After graduation I completed my internship with Dr. Gordon Townsend in the Seattle, WA area. Dr. Townsend is one of approximately 100 chiropractic craniopaths who specialize in headaches and head injuries. After spending two years learning from Dr. Townsend, I returned to Alabama and practiced in North Alabama until 2018 when I moved to the Gulf Coast with my two children and dogs.


I joined the Gulf Coast Family Chiropractic team in October, 2020 and have been honored to get to know and treat our GCFC patients. I love to see our GCFC community feeling better and expressing health in every area of their lives.


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