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Full Armor Center Building
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The Full Armor Center is the fulfillment of a vision given by God to its founder, Dr. Alicia Farrell-Barton in 2002.

“Our vision for Full Armor Center is to be a one-stop shop of health and wellness. We had clients who were traveling all around for different health services and we thought, 'Why not provide it all under one roof?!”  - Dr. Alicia

And Full Armor Center is exactly that, a 9,100-square-foot, one-stop wellness and fitness facility. Our goal is to empower our clients and patients to heal and thrive by providing them with the resources, incentives, and flexibility needed to successfully live a healthy, balanced life. With the support of our employees and many partners, we will continue to make positive and lasting contributions in our community and society.

The Full Armor Center includes the following:

2016 marked 13 years serving this community, and the opening of the Full Armor Center was the perfect complement to this special anniversary. We have now grown into a center where people come to be aligned, to detox, to move, and to live out their health with full expression. Full Armor Center has allowed us to make an even bigger impact in our community and to further our mission to transform as many lives as possible on the Gulf Coast.

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